JTL Machine is an industry leader specializing in the machining of large and complex parts. As one of the biggest North American CNC machine facilities, we offer a broad range of machinery and an innovative approach to turning, milling, drilling or boring to meet our customer’s exacting requirements. Look under the equipment tab for a detailed list of our machines.

We serve multi-national, Fortune 500 companies in various industries:

  • Energy sector
  • Oil & Gas
  • Wind
  • Turbo Compression
  • Hydraulic Fracking (gas turbine)
  • Mining
  • Steel

Our skilled team of CNC machinists can offer pre-production technical support to ensure that your design is optimized for production efficiency and effectiveness. We follow a proven, systematic approach to parts manufacturing with an eye to continuous improvement. Because of the scale of many of our projects, we use a laser measurement device to test design intent and integrity, rather than the traditional (CMM) coordinate measuring machine. The laser device is placed on several points and the information is recorded and analyzed electronically. Our project manager is one more way that we ensure timely, quality delivery. This ongoing commitment to excellence throughout the process means that we provide superior machined parts for large-scale projects cost-effectively.